Lever’s Spring Update Includes Automation, Analytics, Surveys

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Talent acquisition platform Lever introduced a number of upgrades as a part of its spring release, which the company hopes will help customers scale their recruiting operations more efficiently.

The company said it adapted its Talent Acquisition Suite to begin aligning with new ways of working as employers examine how to continue operations in a world still facing the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new tools include features in automation, analytics and candidate experience. 

Enhancements to @Lever include automation, analytics and candidate experience tools. #HR #HRTech Share on X

Among the features Lever’s spotlighting:

  • Talent Automation Workflows add efficiency to the operations of recruiting and people organizations, even as teams adapt to a labor market where supply dramatically exceeds demand. New features add auto-screening questions at the time of application, email hiring managers once hires are made to encourage feedback, and notify HR when it’s time to begin onboarding processes.
  • Data Warehouse Sync, an advanced analytics capability, provides access to raw data. With it, customers can build reports using their own BI infrastructure and tools. The feature refreshes data each day. 
  • Candidate Experience Surveys allow users to customize questions to match their team’s priorities and KPIs. Automation ensures all candidates are queried and full reports are provided. Feedback can identify trends by team, department or interview stage.

In addition, Lever said it’s expanded its partner ecosystem to include TopFunnel (sourcing), Grayscale (text and SMS) and Harver (pre-employment assessments). The platform also offers confidential hiring for sensitive roles, tools to reduce the time necessary to coordinate interviews, DocuSign capabilities, OAuth capabilities and OAuth API support.

Lever’s fall release, announced in October, included a Zoom integration and an improved version of Lever Talent Intelligence, along with performance upgrades, UI updates and  Inactivity Alerts designed to help prevent recruiters from losing track of candidates.

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