Limeade Enhances Engagement Tools With Eye on Covid-19


Limeade launched enhancements to help employers improve listening, facilitate onboarding, connect workers with leadership and aid in their return-to-work. The features have been incorporated into the company’s Well-Being, Engagement and Inclusion solutions.

Citing research by Deloitte, Limeade said that companies’ top employee priorities are well-being and belonging. However, only half of employers believe they’re ready to address those concerns. Meanwhile, a third of workers have left a job because they didn’t think their company care about them as a person, it said.

.@Limeade launched enhancements to help employers improve listening, facilitate onboarding, connect workers with leadership and aid in return-to-work. #HR #HRTech Share on X

The enhancements include:  

  • Tools to gather and analyze perceptions surrounding work conditions and return-to-work strategies, including recommended and custom survey questions. Resulting data and information are made available through a new Limeade Insights Listening dashboard.
  • Daily check-in procedure that allows employees to privately report COVID-19 symptoms from their mobile phone.
  • Facilitate employee questions to specific groups such HR, COVID-19 task forces and company leadership.
  • A library of Covid-19-related activities covering self-care, burnout, financial well-being, confidence building, manager support and staying socially connected.
  • Return-to-work guide to help provide resources for employees returning to work, including manager tools.
  • Customized onboarding experiences to support different user types based on location, job role and other attributes.

Limeade sees a need for employers to become more pro-active in their approach to pandemic-related changes in work. “Most organizations’ initial response to the pandemic was led by public health restrictions, mandates and were incredibly reactive,  said Sarah Brennan, CEO of Accelir Insights, in a statement provided by the company.

Organizations realize that conditions initially expected to be short-term will continue for some time, Brennan said, adding that businesses of  all sizes now seek to collect data and use analytics and feedback to be proactive and improve their response to the concerns of the workforce.

The company observed a notable increase in usage of its Limeade ONE product—which focuses on well-being, engagement and inclusion—after states began issuing stay-at-home orders in March.

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Image: Limeade

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