LinkedIn Enhancements Are Heavy on Data, Integrations

At its annual Talent Connect conference in Dallas, LinkedIn announced several “key updates” designed to leverage data and take advantage of transformative trends in both technology and user behavior.

That updates, said Vice President of Product, Talent Solutions and Careers John Jersin, are meant to address market changes brought on by digital transformation trends that have impacted everything from logistics and marketing to healthcare and HR. These changes, the said, are part of what’s driving today’s tight labor market.

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Among the announcements:

  • LinkedIn Talent Hub, the company’s ATS, is now available to customers. The product compiles information from LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Jobs, Apply with LinkedIn and other services into a single platform for simplified sourcing, candidate management and hiring. Designed for companies with under 1,000 employees, the end-to-end platform provides data-based insights and collaboration tools to drive efficiency for customers and an improved experience for candidates.
  • An integration of LinkedIn Talent Insights into the new LinkedIn Recruiter & Jobs. While Recruiter users are managing searches, they’ll also be able to access Talent Insights market data. Jersin said that companies using both Recruiter and Talent Insights report their recruiting efforts are more effective, generation a roughly 22 percent increase in InMail accept rates. The integration will be available this fall.
  • A new LinkedIn Recruiter app offers a better messaging experience, customizable notifications and management tools of projects and candidate pipelines. The app also includes collaboration tools for talent acquisition teams and hiring managers or clients. Jersin said the new app will be available before the end of 2019.
  • Skills Insights, a new feature of LinkedIn Learning Pro, allows users to examine their organization’s skills profiles to understand how they change over time and benchmark skills against industry peers. Within the next year, LinkedIn said, Skills Insights will use LinkedIn Learning to identify which skills employees are developing and track those skills over time.

The company also announced integrations with Oracle and iCIMS. Specifically, a Linkedin Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration with Oracle’s Taleo Enterprise Edition is now available, while a link with iCIMS will go live next quarter.

Separately, Axios reported that LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner will announce an effort to close “the network gap,” meaning the advantage some people have because of who they’re connected to. In essence, company will reverse its longstanding course and encourage users to expand their network by connecting to people they don’t know. “We believe that people with equal talent should have equal access to opportunity, a sentiment we know is shared by many of our members and customers,” Weiner told Axios.

Some might argue that by taking this approach, LinkedIn is simply acknowledging what many users already do, even beyond its long-established LinkedIn Open Networker, or LION, program.  Open networkers, LinkedIn says, maximize their visibility because more connections allow them to see, and be seen, by more people. 

Updated Sept. 26, 2019 to correct “John Jersin.”

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