LumApps Boosts Collaboration With New Spaces Product

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Employee experience platform LumApps launched Spaces, a new feature designed to help organizations develop the engagement of their employees. The product – which provides a central place for employees to share information and connect with co-workers – is an evolution of the company’s existing LumApps Communities.

Founded in 2015, LumApps aims to help workers “meaningfully connect” with their employers while advising companies on how to better communicate internally, engage employees and retain talent.

The hub integrates digital tools to make it easier for workers to “find and exchange information, share experiences and engage with colleagues,” the company said. With it, employees can create interactive posts, blogs, articles, resources and events. These capabilities will promote knowledge sharing and improve collaboration within workforces, LumApps contends.

Analytics on the Side

In addition, Spaces provides engagement analytics based on employee interactions within the hub. The company said this will offer leaders and administrators a better understanding of the peer-to-peer interactions within their organization and, as a result, give them a better chance of success in the future.

“Whether in the same office or distributed around the globe, today’s employees want autonomy, flexibility and control over their work,” said LumApps Chief Product Officer Idriss Bentoumi. “LumApps Spaces provides a central place for them to engage across the web and mobile in a way best suited for them.” By allowing employees to pick where and how they communicate, it becomes more likely that they’ll share advice and lessons learned, and “engage with their peers to promote more innovative and creative work culture,” Bentoumi said.

In December, LumApps acquired the digital assistant technology provider Vizir, which helps HR departments automate tasks and improve employee access to knowledge, resources and third-party applications. According to the company, with the acquisition it combined the digital assistant with LumApps content delivery to help organizations strengthen their employee experience.

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