McHire Adds Assessments in Effort to Boost Retention


McHire, a recruiting platform used by a number of McDonald’s franchise operators, added an integration with assessment provider Sprockets. The integration is designed to help managers identify who’ll perform like their best crew members and reduce bias in the workplace.

This integration combines the speed of McHire, which is built on the Paradox platform, with the precision of Sprockets. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, it predicts an applicant’s likelihood to succeed and stay with a company for the long term.

McHire, a recruiting platform used by McDonald's franchisees, launched assessment tools designed to help managers ID outstanding crew members. #HR #HRTech Share on X

Sprockets CEO AJ Richichi contends the integration will solve many of the challenges that franchisees currently face, such as nearly 150% annual turnover and Covid-related issues. “Sprockets helps managers navigate the changing labor dynamics and make sound hiring decisions,” he said. 

Operations and Retention

Sprockets’ software integrates directly with McHire to streamline the hiring process, allowing general managers to focus on operations rather than talent acquisition. The addition of Sprockets will help franchisees prescreen and hire the right people, Richichi said. The companies claim that a number of McDonald’s franchise operators have already improved retention by using Sprockets.

This McHire integration is a big step for Sprockets as it improves the hiring experience for both applicants and employers. “Aligning ourselves with influential technologies like McHire is validation that we’re making progress in creating a more efficient and equitable hiring process in the hourly workforce,” Richichi said.  

Earlier in August, Paradox said it will acquire the mobile-first assessment platform Traitify. At the time, CEO Aaron Matos said the companies shared “[a] passion for recruiting and our philosophy that software should make things simpler, faster and easier, not add more work.”

Traitify was already integrated with Paradox when the deal was done. The companies serve joint clients and work alongside HCM platforms like Workday and iCIMS. The company’s growth took off in 2017, when Traitify launched mobile-first assessments based on the Big Five framework, a model of personality drawn from research by I/O psychologists.

Image: Paradox

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