MeasureUp Releases Candidate Assessment Solution for IT

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MeasureUp released iTalentUp, a platform designed to help recruiting agencies and HR departments simplify and streamline the technical assessment process for hiring technology workers.

Founded in 1997, MeasureUp is a provider of certification practice tests and assessments for IT professionals. With the launch of iTalentUp, MeasureUp is moving toward providing insights for businesses rather than individual workers, with the goal of simplifying the task of creating talent assessments.

“With iTalentUp, we saw the opportunity to leverage our expertise and make it available to human resources professionals,” said MeasureUp CMO Jesús Sierra. The product was developed after MeasureUp recognized a need among HR professionals, who often lack the technological knowledge needed to assess IT candidates.  

Creating Technical Assessments

iTalentUp allows users to create technical assessments using MeasureUp’s existing database of 40,000 questions covering the most in-demand technologies in the IT industry. The company believes its approach will make the candidate evaluation process more efficient and effective.

The product also integrates a library of pre-built practice-test templates to cover selection tests specially tailored to various job roles and technologies.

With the release, MeasureUp aims to reduce the time and cost associated with talent acquisition while helping to quickly and accurately identify top IT talent. In addition, the company hopes to eliminate the need for hiring teams to possess technical expertise in order to successfully screen candidates.

The product “avoids dependence on a technician to assess IT competencies, allowing you to gain autonomy, speed and cost savings in tech profile selection processes, said Laura Morillo, director of HR of MeasureUp parent Media Interactiva.

In 2024, the company plans to introduce enhancements to iTalentUp, including the integration of manually generated or AI-driven new questions and an integration API for HCM solutions.  

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