Mercer, ServiceNow Join to Launch Mobility Management Platform

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Mercer introduced its Mobility Management Platform, created in collaboration with ServiceNow. The cloud-based solution is designed to reduce the complexity, costs and risks associated with talent mobility programs while improving the employee experience.

The platform, called MMP for short, combines Mercer’s expertise in HR and mobility with ServiceNow’s Now Platform to simplify managing both international and domestic assignments. MMP provides real-time data and content that’s intended to improve the employee experience while strengthening service delivery and governance for the employer. The result, Mercer said, will be lower cost and risk.

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In addition, MMP can adapt to an employer’s needs as it grows or redistributes its workforce.

The platform’s key features include:

  • A self-service employee portal, accessible from any device, provides access to host location information, videos and optional engagement surveys.
  • Real-time reporting, predictive analytics and built-in metrics to aid evidence-based decision-making by mobility managers.
  • Streamlined expense tracking and processes.

Mobility Management and Services

According to Mercer’s own 2019 Global Talent Trends Study, 65 percent of companies across all industries plan to use mobility programs for employee-development purposes. Meanwhile, some industry observers believe an increasing number of employers regard mobility as a retention tool: It allows them to offer employees more opportunities to work in new locations and increased flexibility regarding remote work.

So it’s not particularly surprising that the importance assigned to internal mobility has been rising. Already in the market are companies like Topia, a platform that enables employers to manage all of the tasks involved in managing mobile talent. In April, Topia updated its suite to integrate major modules, provide more content on some 200 locations around the world and improve core functions such as its proprietary tax engine.

(For the brand-conscious, Topia calls itself a “global mobility management” system rather than a “mobility management platform.”)

Other companies in the space include UrbanBound, NuCompass Mobility and ReloTalent. There’s also Graebel and Global Mobility Solutions, which both seem to be more consulting services than technology providers.

Earlier this week, Topia Vice President of Sales John Hilton says his is the only technology company in the space that has a full services arm to manage global mobility, payroll and expenses. That may change now that Mercer has waded into the space. The company already offers talent mobility consulting, though its offerings seem more strategic than operational. Also, Mercer’s announcement of MMP said nothing about links to its consulting services.

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