Microsoft’s Influence On HR Tech Runs Deeper Than You Think

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft plays an outsized role in the HR technology market, even if many in the industry don’t realize it. Speaking at the virtual HR Technology Conference, industry analyst Josh Bersin said the company deserved special mention because it has “such a big impact.”

The widespread use of Microsoft Teams and growing popularity of Viva are among the core elements of the company’s market position, Bersin said. Going forward, the company has plans to make its products more attractive to users. For example, Microsoft intends to better integrate LinkedIn Learning and Glint, among other apps.

The widespread use of @Microsoft Teams and growing popularity of Viva are among the core reasons the company has a strong presence in #HRTech. #WHR Share on X

With Viva, Microsoft began using Teams as a delivery mechanism for capabilities that go beyond core communications and collaboration capabilities. The company melded new applications into a software framework many workers use as a “home base” for their work throughout the day. Teams also offers access to numerous applications through a simple interface that puts communications center stage.

Another advantage for Microsoft: its deep penetration of the corporate market. According to Bersin, roughly 70% of large companies have already deployed some flavor of Microsoft product. IT organizations can turn on Teams and Viva “with almost no implementation other than configuration,” he explained. In addition, he believes, Microsoft is a “tenacious, hard-working, enterprise-oriented company” that will continue to add value and continue to sign third-party partners. “I think you have to take this seriously,” he said.

Bersin doesn’t believe Microsoft’s products are a complete solution for HR functions. “Microsoft doesn’t do what Workday does,” he pointed out.” But you can’t ignore the company’s efforts, either. Bersin advises HR departments to look at the Microsoft products already implemented by their company before they look for other solutions.

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