Modern Hire Launches Creator Companion to Automated Scoring

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Modern Hire launched its new Automated Interview Creator (AIC), a technology designed to provide talent acquisition teams with job-specific recommendations for interview questions.

AIC is a logical next step from the company’s Automated Interview Scoring (AIS), an on-demand video interview feature that evaluates candidate responses. The Interview Creator leverages a library of pertinent interview questions across multiple industries for nearly any job, Modern Hire said. Its intelligent search improves results over time.

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“Automated AI tools are increasingly improving and accelerating the hiring process as the demands on hiring teams continue to rise,” observed Modern Hire Chief Science Officer Mike Hudy. AIC allows talent acquisition to build interviews, specific to the competencies and behaviors necessary for job success, he said.

Modern Hire said AIC offers ease of use, flexibility and accuracy. Through its AI-driven search engine, questions are linked to job requirements and can be filtered by competency, job family and keywords. That allows hiring teams to identify questions that cover what’s required for success, and improve the experience of both hiring teams and candidates. Questions are available for all types of interviews, both live and on-demand, including text, phone, video and in-person.

AIC’s key features include:

  • Greater Hiring Efficiency: AIC enables hiring teams to ask the questions necessary to identify candidates with the skills needed to succeed in a role and are the most qualified for the job. Its library of questions targets the competencies and behaviors critical to success on the job, in tandem with its AIS-structured rating scales.
  • Provides Accuracy and Confidence in Hiring Decisions: AIC’s content is based on validations that include more than 500 research studies of market leaders over several decades. This, the company said, results in more confidence among hiring teams.
  • Ensures Ethical and Diverse Hiring: Candidates receive interviews focused on factors directly related to job success. When integrated with Modern Hire’s AIS, AI is applied to evaluate candidate responses and provides employers with recommended scores, combatting interview bias and encouraging fairer, more effective hiring decisions.
  • Makes the Interview Process Engaging: Since candidates are presented with questions and scenarios most relevant to a particular role, they can draw from their direct experience and skills for a more engaging experience, Modern Hirec said.

When it launched AIS in in June 2021, Modern Hire said the product used AI to evaluate candidate responses and provide employers with recommended scores to help ensure a hiring process that’s more fair and unbiased.

In December, AIS was enhanced with new features designed specifically to, Modern Hire said, mitigate bias, speed time to hire and drive best-fit hiring outcomes.

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