Modern Hire Rolls Out Virtual Job Tryout for Commercial Drivers

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Modern Hire released a preconfigured pre-hire assessment for candidates seeking employment as a commercial driver. Called Virtual Job Tryout for Drivers, the module joins the company’s portfolio of job simulation and text-based assessments, which the company said is designed to measure the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in a role, and provide candidates with a realistic idea of what a typical day on the job is like.

Global demand for commercial drivers is at an all-time high, Modern Hire said. Since the pandemic, turnover rates for commercial truck drivers have run at 72% for smaller carriers and over 90% for larger long-haul firms. In the U.S. alone, projections show the industry will need roughly 1.1 million new drivers over the next decade in order to keep pace with labor shortages, retirements and growing freight transportation needs.

“As demand for commercial drivers continues to surge across all industries and regions, the most common concern we hear from our clients is the inability to find qualified candidates,” said Modern Hire Chief Science Officer Mike Hudy. VJT for Drivers helps employers to “assess and measure” candidate attributes such as focus and rule following, he said.

Designed to be used across a variety of roles where commercial driving is the primary task, VJT for Drivers includes:

  • Situational Judgment Exercise allows candidates to step into a role and respond to a variety of situations drivers are likely to encounter. Measurement themes include productivity, teamwork and safety.
  • Check Your Dashboard Exercise has candidates assess their vehicle’s dashboard and review the operating guidelines before they begin driving. They are then asked to select the correct way to prepare their vehicle.
  • Check for Errors Exercise assesses a candidate’s ability to accurately verify data including dates, mileage and plate number.
  • Work History Exercise evaluates a candidate’s past in areas such as motivation, experience, rule-following, past performance, reliability and career stability.
  • Work Style Exercise evaluates styles and personality traits related to driver success, including following directions, being monitored, focus and adaption to change.

VJT for Drivers is designed for use internationally, including by companies hiring at scale across multiple regions.  


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