Montage, Shaker Rebrand as Modern Hire, Launch Product

Modern Hire

Some four months after announcing their merger, hiring platform Montage and talent intelligence and assessment solutions provider Shaker International announced their new brand identity: Modern Hire.

At the same time, the company was set to show off a new product, Real-Time Interview Scoring, at the HR tech conference in Las Vegas.

Real-Time Interview Scoring is designed to help employers evaluate text, audio and video interviews more effectively and efficiently. The products uses machine and deep learning models to score candidate interview responses against competencies organizations believe are important to succeeding at a job.

Months after their merger, hiring platform Montage and talent intelligence provider Shaker International announced their new brand: Modern Hire. @ModernHire #HR #HRTech Share on X

Modern Hire’s Transparency and Technology

Modern Hire seems to be staking out an approach that stresses the transparency of its technology.

“Artificial intelligence is being applied to a variety of functions within talent acquisition, but there’s a growing distrust of it in the market because the technology is often used in a black box in which users can’t see how decisions are being made,” said Mike Hudy, the company’s chief science officer. Modern Hire differs by taking a “glass-box science approach” that provides visibility into how interview responses are scored.

“Our team of IO psychologists and data scientists ensures integrity and assures that our approach is fair, predictive and effective,” he said.

Modern Hire said its new brand underscores its “transformative approach” to combining technology and science—by which it seems to mean data science and assessments—into a single platform.

Before the merger, Montage was known as a developer of SaaS tools for interviewing and workflow automation. Shaker focused on predictive analytics and hiring assessments. By combining its predecessors’ technologies, Modern Hire said it’s created a platform that allows employers to continuously improve their hiring results by taking a more personalized and data-driven approach, which is also more engaging for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

In February, Montage partnered with Infor to provide employers with predictive analytics and interviewing technology. The idea was to offer candidates an improved interviewing and assessment experience and help companies move quickly between scheduling, assessment and interviews.

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Image: Modern Hire

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