New Beamery Features Apply Real-Time Skills Data to Hiring, Workforce Management

Beamer Intelligence

Beamery launched new features to help employers understand the skillset required for any given role. Unveiled as Dynamic Job Architecture, the module automatically tracks a company’s skills needs by comparing its hiring to external data, so managers can make more informed hiring and workforce decisions.

Dynamic Job Architecture is the latest AI-based product designed with an eye to assisting businesses as they attempt to evolve their skills to meet changing business demands. There’s a ready market for such capabilities. According to McKinsey, 87% of business worldwide either have a skills gap or will have one in the next few years. More than half, 53%, said their preferred solution was to build skills within their organization.

So Beamery’s contention that skills-based transformation is “pivotal” for companies that want to succeed has logic behind it. At the same time, understanding exactly which skills are needed to successfully execute a role – “job architecture” – requires managing a range of related data, which can be a complicated and expensive proposition for large organizations, Beamery said.

Solution to an AI Challenge

Beamery positions Dynamic Job Architecture as a solution. Whether a company already has a skills taxonomy or needs to build one, the platform’s designed to rapidly create a single source of truth regarding jobs and skills. Besides internal data, it incorporates labor-market information and trends among competitors to provide an up-to-date view of the skills an employer will need in both the present and future.

Of course, actually getting something out of that data assumes employers will it to use, and that’s not a sure thing. Consider: More than half of employees want to learn generative AI skills, research by Salesforce found, and only 10% overall have them. Seventy percent of business leaders worry that their teams aren’t ready to effectively use generative AI tools. But two-thirds of workers, 66%, said their employers aren’t providing the training they need.

In June, Beamery launched an approach to workforce planning and decision-making that provides managers with real-time information on how to develop their team’s skills, when to hire, and when it’s faster or more efficient to source internally, upskill workers or open a short-term project or gig.

Image: Beamery

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