Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Adds Embedded Generative AI

Oracle AI Screen

Oracle added generative AI capabilities to Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. The features are embedded to help improve productivity, the candidate and employee experience, and streamline HR processes

Chris Leone, executive vice president, applications development at Oracle Cloud HCM, said the new features use large language models to reduce time spent on various tasks, improve the employee experience, provide more accurate workforce insights and, in general, increase business value.

Built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the new capabilities are designed to provide better security and performance, the company said. Built-in prompts help customers retrieve results while reducing side effects such as factual errors and bias. Customers use their own data to refine models for their specific business needs.  

Assistance, Suggestions and Summaries

The additions bolster existing AI features already used by Oracle Cloud HCM customers, the company said. The new capabilities include:

  • Assisted Authoring helps users create content and, Oracle said, improve productivity and time efficiency. Examples of assisted authoring include writing job descriptions and requisitions, automating goal creation and success, and generating HR Help Desk articles to help employees efficiently complete HR tasks.
  • Suggestions guide users to producing better and faster results by leveraging natural language processing and best practices. Examples include automated recommendations for survey questions based on the type of survey being designed, or development tips for managers to use with their employees. Oracle said the suggested content, trained from LLMs under the customer’s control, will reflect the language style of the organization itself.
  • Summarization surfaces insights from one or more data sources. The generative AI can summarize elements of content for simple and meaningful consumption, Oracle said. For example, the feature can provide a summary of an employee’s performance for use in the regular review cycle.

“We have already identified more than 100 high-value-added scenarios for generative AI in HR,” said Leone.  

Oracle Cloud HCM’s generative AI features are powered by OCI, which accelerates LLM training with the “highest performance at the lowest cost,” the company said. In addition, Oracle’s generative AI provides end-to-end security and helps ensure customers have complete control and full ownership of their data.

Image: Oracle

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