Oracle Launches Low-Code Journeys to Personalize HR

Oracle Journeys

Oracle extended its approach to guided employee actions within Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM with the launch of Journeys, a platform HR can use to create and deliver customized workflows to address personal and workplace tasks.

By using Oracle Journeys, HR teams can help employees access resources and tasks across the organization. Employees can access and complete their Journeys on any device including desktop, mobile, chat applications, or Oracle Digital Assistant.

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The platform’s main components include:

  • LaunchPad provides a single destination for employees to explore, launch and share Journeys based on their needs. It can host any Journey applicable to an employee, assigned by their manager or recommended by AI based on previous actions, events or career progression. For example, newly promoted employees may see a New Manager Journey, those planning to return to the office may be prompted to navigate a Journey on returning to work safely, or those assigned to a new facility will be guided through next steps as part of a Relocation Journey.    
  • Creator allows managers and HR teams to create and assign Journeys across the enterprise. A library of pre-built Journeys templates, which can be tailored to the organization’s needs, allows Journeys to meet specific company requirements, policies, and brand guidelines without the need for IT help. Companies can also include cross-enterprise tasks such as managing expenses or launching a new product. Among the available templates are Onboarding, Parental Leave, Illness or Injury and Return from Leave.
  • Booster helps integrate HR processes and other business functions—such as finance, operations and facilities management—with third-party systems and applications. Booster also automates requests and services across HR, IT and other systems, and can also be expanded when additional support is needed within workflows.

Low-Code Journeys

Oracle introduced the Journeys concept in September 2020,  but “what’s different about this announcement is we’re turning Oracle Journeys into an employee experience platform,” said Emily He, senior vice president of Oracle’s HCM Cloud Business Group. Since the initial launch last year, she said, “what we learned is there are a lot of changes in the marketplace that HR needs to respond to, and they need to launch new experiences to employees all the time to guide them through all the changes.”

Oracle Journeys also puts a spotlight on low-code capabilities within the platform.  He described Journeys Creator as “a low-code or no-code way for HR to create new experiences and launch them to their employees.” It also allows manager to customize HR-created experiences for the situation of individual employees.

The platform is less about new technology and more about new capabilities, He said. In addition to offering new capabilities, Oracle is responding to a general evolution in HR technology from systems of record to systems of engagement to, now, systems of design. “What our customers are telling us is they want the ability to curate an experience quickly, without having to rely on IT,” she said. “We want to make it as easy as possible for them to introduce new things.”

Image: Oracle

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