Oyster Adds Chatbot to Aid in Hiring, Compliance

AI Chatbot

Oyster launched an AI-powered chatbot designed to answer questions about global hiring and remote-work regulations. Called Pearl, the feature is designed to help companies gather information that can help them make informed decisions on issues related to global employment.  

By applying AI to Oyster resources — such as its guides on Global hiring remote work — Pearl offers a more intuitive and personalized experience rather than requiring users to search and read through large amounts of static, outdated or hard-to-find information, the company said.

Applying AI to existing resources is “only the beginning” of Oyster’s work to implement AI-based solutions. In the future, Pearl’s AI chatbot functionality will be available on all Oyster webpages, while more advanced efforts will incorporate the company’s proprietary global employment data as well as insights from The Reef — an open-source employee guide with best practices for building distributed, asynchronous teams.

Things Get Complicated

​Global hiring regulations are complex and constantly changing, Oyster noted. That becomes even more challenging with employers must manage a remote workforce, where people leaders or compliance professionals may not be familiar with the specific requirements of every jurisdiction where they employ knowledge workers.

Just in the U.S., 70% of Human Resources professionals say the difficulty of complying with state and local laws has increased markedly as their companies hire more workers from more states, according to a study by Gusto. Plus, the study found, many HR professionals said the difficulty of compliance itself has increased “substantially.” 

Separately, Oyster released an “Employee Disillusionment Report, which found the workforce to be preoccupied with issues related to mental health, burnout and work/life flexibility. “Employees are much bolder and much more open about what they need and where the workplace is falling short of what they need to be able to be successful in their lives,” said Kim Rohrer, Oyster’s principal people partner, during an appearance on the HCM Technology Report’s PeopleTech.

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