Paradox Launches Conversational ATS for Front-Line Hiring

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Paradox launched a conversational ATS focused on front line hiring. The system uses a conversational UI for engagement built around hourly hiring and deskless workers, who primarily use mobile devices to get their work done. With the solution, Paradox aims to reimagine the high-volume hiring process and deliver better experiences for both candidates and hiring managers.

“The goal of the product was to make automation feel like we were putting a recruiter in every location, for every hiring manager,” said Paradox President and Chief Product Officer Adam Godson. “That’s the real magic — an experience driven by a conversational assistant, who works 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world to get hiring work done, instantly.”

The system automates screening, interview scheduling, reminders, offers and onboarding to help reduce time-to-hire for Paradox customers. In addition, hiring managers can quickly open and post jobs with “a few taps in a mobile app,” and candidates can apply to jobs via text or chat within the conversational ATS.

According to the company, the system “can automate more than 90% of the hiring process for frontline workers and hiring managers.”

Its features include:

  • Automated screening for minimum job requirements.
  • Interview scheduling that can instantly connect employers with qualified candidates.
  • Automated reminders that can be sent to drive higher show rates.
  • Reminders which can automatically be sent when a candidate needs to complete other steps in the process, such as a background check or assessment, or paperwork and onboarding tasks ahead of their first day.

Paradox is also launching high-volume solutions to work alongside large enterprise ATS platforms, allowing customers to use their existing system with once Paradox has been implemented. The company said this will allow customers who use these systems to streamline the hiring process for high-volume roles without undergoing any major shift in their approach.

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