Paycor Rebrands Talenya to ‘Paycor Smart Sourcing’ 

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Paycor rebranded its Talenya AI-powered recruiting technology platform as Paycor Smart Sourcing. The company said the platform uses AI to uncover talent and engage with candidates automatically. That, it said, will save recruiters time by providing them with more interviews.

“This competitive labor market has made recruiting and retaining top talent more important than it’s ever been,” said Paycor Chief Executive Officer Raul Villar, Jr. Paycor Smart Sourcing, he explained, will enhance the company’s talent solution and make it easier for frontline leaders to “find skilled and diverse talent quickly and cost-effectively.”

Paycor Smart Sourcing is designed to provide a one-stop-shop for sourcing both passive and active job seekers, the company said. Using AI-optimized campaigns, the platform identifies passive job seekers in its 1.5 billion-profile database and contacts them automatically. It engages active job seekers through programmatic campaigns on “thousands” of job sites.

AI Runs the Pipeline

The platform uses AI to identify and engage matching candidates. That, Paycor said, doubles the interview pipeline. In addition, Paycor Smart Sourcing automates each step of the sourcing process to help employers expand searches, engage with candidates and filter candidates by diversity.

Recruiters access the platform by logging into Paycor Smart Sourcing. They’ll then begin to receive interviews through their ATS account. 

Paycor acquired Talenya in October 2022. At the time, the company said its goal was to alleviate the pressure on employers caused by increased competition and changes in the labor market. With the acquisition, customers would be able to reduce time to fill and source both active and passive candidates. For those pursuing a DEI strategy, the platform would highlight diverse candidates, which Paycor says are often overlooked by traditional recruiting systems.

Needham & Company Analyst Scott Berg said he approved of the acquisition because it took advantage of two dominating trends in HCM today: more advanced recruiting tools and solutions that improve DEI efforts. 

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