Paycor Releases AI Job Description Tool, Partners With Onwards HR

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Paycor released a new AI-generated job descriptions tool, which aims to “optimize” talent acquisition by sourcing quality, diverse candidates. When used with Paycor Smart Sourcing, the new feature will help optimize talent acquisition by sourcing high-quality and diverse candidates, the company said.

The new product incorporates generative AI to help leaders and recruiters  “generate job descriptions that attract and hire talent,” said Paycor Chief Product Officer Ryan Bergstrom. Paycor hopes the products will help employers save  time and money on hiring while still attracting the best talent.

Powered by Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI Service, the tool will also help companies retain employees by clearly outlining the role and responsibilities in job descriptions it generates. In addition, Paycor believes it will reduce the time needed to source and hire candidates.

Partnering for Workforce Planning

In addition to the new offering, Paycor announced a strategic partnership with the workforce compliance platform Onwards HR. Onwards HR provides employers severance and off-boarding management as well as helping ensure alignment with corporate policy and federal, state and local employment laws.

“Severance benefits and employee separation management are fraught with challenges,” said Onwards HR Co-Founder and CEO Sarah Rodehorst. “Often, these decisions are made under financial pressure or a corporate action such as mergers and acquisitions. As such, most organizations struggle to manage the process compliantly and with the careful consideration it requires.” The partnership with Paycor, she said, “further expands our reach as we help organizations with strategic workforce planning.”

Paycor Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Tim Ruge added that the company hopes the addition of Onwards HR to its Marketplace will better assist organizations with all aspects of the employee lifecycle’s end, both legally mandated and not.

As part of the partnership, Paycor’s customers will have access to Onwards HR’s suite of solutions.

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