Paycor’s New Career Management Module Helps Development Coaching

Paycor Career Management

Paycor today launched Paycor Career Management, a module HR and business leaders can use to design and implement succession plans.

The announcement comes three weeks after Paycor introduced Talent Development to facilitate performance management and employee development.

.@Paycorinc launched Paycor Career Management, a module HR and business leaders can use to design and implement succession plans. #HR #HRTech Share on X

Career Management is meant to help employers create career strategies, facilitate internal movement and identify talent risks. Managers and employees can use it to define role responsibilities and set expectations to help managers provide feedback that’s specific to them and their career plan.

Key product features include:

  • Role & Growth Profiles: Records a role’s responsibilities to help ensure employees are meeting expectations and identify where they can improve.
  • Competency Determination: Uses assessments to indicate where an employee stands relative to their existing or future roles.
  • Job Assessments: Evaluates responsibilities in an assigned role to make sure expectations are aligned.
  • Talent Attributes: Compiles data to help decision-making and tracking of the workforce’s career progression.
  • Role-Based Reviews: Responsibilities can be assessed directly in a review, allowing for a single workflow during the review cycle.

Career Development Dynamics

It’s no secret that employees often jump to new opportunities when they believe they’re not given chances to grow in their current role. But there are other reasons to pay attention to employee development, as well. Paycor points to Deloitte’s 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, which suggests, “Creating better programs to facilitate internal mobility can pay off in multiple areas: growth, employee engagement and business performance.” At the same time, employees are often unsure of expectations, a dynamic that can impede career development and frustrate everyone involved.

As with Performance Management, Paycor seems to have its eye on making the process behind career growth less clunky. “Career management is effective when it isn’t just a one-way dialogue only coming from the top,” said Ryan Bergstrom, the company’s chief product officer. Paycor Career Management helps front-line managers “be more effective by allowing them to invite their employees to take an active role in the development and activation of their career development plans.”

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