Paylocity Adds Communications Tools to Community Platform


Payroll solutions provider Paylocity upgraded its Community product with incremental communication and collaboration features.

As part of Paylocity’s platform, Community helps employers streamline their communications, strengthen collaboration and encourage a culture of engagement. The new features include one-to-one and one-to-many chat functionality; the ability to upload, create, edit and share files; and automatic creation of team groups.

Payroll solutions provider @Paylocity upgraded its Community product with incremental communication and collaboration features. #HR #HRTech Share on X

Paylocity said the new features enhance the platform’s user experience for both HR professionals and end-user employees. “Employees expect payroll, benefits, and performance tools that are easy to use, but more than that, they want a personalized experience that is flexible enough to meet their needs,” said Co-CEO Steve Beauchamp.

In a conversation last year, Beauchamp said one of the pandemic’s early lessons was about “overcommunicating” with employees. “That’s the number one thing that I think we’ve really tried to help our clients with – using our survey products, our learning products, our Community to get more connection points … and make sure that not all those connection points are live Zoom meetings, where they’re worried about what’s happening in their background and they don’t have flexibility in their schedule. They have to be on a specific time. Use asynchronous tools,” he said.

Since its launch two years ago, Community has gained notable traction among Paylocity customers. In the last year, overall engagement has increased by more than 56%, with employee comments rising by more than 150%. Customers say they see a nearly 30% of their employees actively using Community to exchange messages, ideas, and comments within six months of implementation.

Image: Paylocity

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