Paylocity Will Add Cloudsnap to its Overall Platform


Paylocity announced a full integration of Cloudsnap, a solution for joining disparate business applications, into its broader platform.

The goal is to create a source for employee data that can be leveraged across an entire organization. Similarly, the company hopes to provide a system to support the employee lifecycle from hiring and onboarding through the entirety of a worker’s employment.

Cloudsnap’s technology allows Paylocity’s platform to integrate systems that automate data exchanges – a traditionally laborious, manual process for HR teams. As a result, the company hopes that users will be able to better use their data even while they see an increase in employee productivity.

“Data is the lifeblood of any organization, and because employees touch all aspects of the business, connecting HR data across business-critical systems is key for better insights and decision making,” said Paylocity Co-CEO Steve Beauchamp. The platform was built with the intention of improving the company’s ability to quickly integrate with other systems, which in turn will help clients by creating a singular source for data to connect business processes and enable collaboration, he said.

The Flow of Data

Paylocity acquired Cloudsnap in 2022 to “accelerate third-party integrations that power efficient data flow and business processes.” In essence, the pair aimed to simplify an organization’s access to and usage of data.

HR teams are uniquely well-positioned to bridge gaps in areas such as communication, collaboration and decision-making, but they need modern HR technology, to do it, the company said.

According to Paylocity, the addition of Cloudsnap to the platform will also help accelerate even more integrations, which in turn will provide more flexibility. In addition, the solution will also add several products to the platform that the company has introduced in the past, including premium video, learning management, on demand pay and others.

Image: Paylocity

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