Phenom Adds to Video Capabilities, Expands EMEA Presence

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Phenom has acquired Talentcube, a Munich-based video technology company that it will use to expand its capabilities in video for candidates, employees, recruiters and hiring managers.

Adding Talentcube’s technology will advance Phenom’s ability “to provide seamless video functionality at every stage of the talent journey,” the company said.

Phenom has acquired Talentcube, a video technology company that it will use to enhance its capabilities for candidates, employees, recruiters and hiring managers. #phenom_people Click To Tweet

Phenom positioned the acquisition as a way for it to impact how employers and candidates interact across the hiring process, including in some ways that are relatively new. For example, the company talks of enabling candidates to create video-based resumes or cover letters, or facilitating automated video interviews.  

Over the last five years, Talentcube has developed desktop and mobile experiences for more than 120 customers. The company’s technology makes video more accessible for users with minimal or mobile data speeds, something that became more important as the Covid-19 pandemic imposed remote work and a reliance on virtual meetings on the recruiting process. As Phenom CEO Mahe Bayireddi observed, “HR teams adopted video technology during the pandemic out of necessity, and moving forward, it will become a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent.”  

Leveraging Video Across Phenom’s TXM

In a blog post, Bayireddi said integrating Talentcube’s technology with Phenom’s Talent Experience Management platform by leveraging video to “elevate authenticity” will create an “ultra-efficient” remote recruiting platform, improve accessibility and better position the company to enhance its automation solutions.

“Phenom understands the immense role that video will play in the future of HR,” said Sebastian Niewöhner, Talentcube’s CEO. “From the start, we were confident that Phenom would help us incorporate video into the entire talent journey.”

By acquiring Talentcube, Phenom adds an office in Munich to complement its overseas headquarters in Rotterdam and European presence in Germany, France, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In December, the company acquired Endouble, an Amsterdam-based firm focused on candidate experience solutions. At the time, the company said the deal would expand its presence in EMEA and add technical expertise while encouraging further adoption of its Talent Experience Management platform.  

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