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CHAD: Welcome to the HCM Technology Report’s Weekly PODCAST… It’s HR Tech, a blast of Rock N Roll and not safe for work, all provided by the brains of The Chad & Cheese – HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast – I’m Chad Sowash – yes that Chad… The Chad who takes mysterious delight in torturing certain editors named


CHAD: And now… ripped from today’s headlines.

First: ADP is rebranding itself. (laughing) Oh wait they’re serious… It’s still going to be ADP, but now that stands for Always Designing for People. A-D-P. Get it? The Tech Report’s Mark Feffer – that poor schmuck – says he’s betting the company is getting ready to launch a bunch of new products to go along with the rebranding. What’s better than a rebrand to take your mind off of possible new and overpriced products? So exciting… (YAWN)

Next: Recruiting software provider Beamery – oh I like Beamery – released Search Assist, a “Behavioral Boolean” tool for creating targeted search strings in a CRM database. It works by combining keywords, geographic and historical information with live behavioral data and candidate interactions. That helps you more accurately gauge a candidate’s interest and intentions. So, wait a fucking minute… Are they making Boolean strings even harder? Not to mention, what about all of those AI matching platforms that are kicking Boolean out of their systems and using algorithms in the UI to search?

Feffer you need to dig deeper into that one buddy…

Third: A lot more recruiters are using mobile devices. (Wait, this is fucking news?) TechTarget says going mobile gives recruiters “tangible benefits that can make the difference in attracting quality candidates.” New tools gaining the most traction: text messaging, QR barcodes and mobile-optimized applications. THIS JUST IN… Recruiters not using texting platforms are using smoke signals. Dumb asses… 

OK, shall we jump into the deeper end of the pool?  

Digitization is leaning on CHROs. Their bosses—who are mostly overpaid white guys with a “C” in their title—want to make employees more productive. They’ve decided brand-spanking-new tech is the way to do it.

“So, HR,” they say, “don’t worry about better performance reviews. Never mind better recruiting. Worry about making our people more efficient.” Some estimates say that could increase revenue by almost $9,000 a head.

It’s easy to get there, too. So, say the people who want you to pay them an arm and a leg for this shit. All you have to do – and this is nothing – is transform the company. How? By getting leadership to put its money where its mouth is. If the C-suite is not involved, nothing’s gonna happen. So go out there and convince executives – and all the other managers, while you’re at it – that you have to collaborate and take chances—as a group.

You know the old saying? If we don’t hang together, we’ll all hang alone. How ya hanging, Feffer?


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I can’t believe he got me to say that shit again. BASTARD!

Sowash OUT!

Chad & Cheese

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