Podcasts: Talking HR Tech With Industry Leaders and Change Makers

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This year’s Ceridian Insights conference hosted a range of product announcements, including Dayforce Wallet’s introduction to the UK, the launch of Ceridian’s Ideal Talent Marketplace and improved analytics throughout the company’s product suite.

But as anyone who attends these conferences knows, their value extends beyond the exhibit floor and executive presentations. The conversations that go on between sessions, in the hallways and among the exhibits, over lunch and over coffee in the corridors, offer opportunities to pick up news, insights, visions and a sense of the industry’s health.

At Insights, the exhibition floor was crowded, loud and animated. In the midst of it, RecruitingDaily President William Tincup and Executive Editor Mark Feffer sat down with Ceridian executives and partners to learn about their business, their projects under development and their sense of the market. Among others, they spoke with leaders of RecTech, Dovetail, BDO, Equifax, Experian and, of course, Ceridian.

They recorded these conversations so that you can listen in first-hand. So, even if you couldn’t make it to Las Vegas, you can still hear some of the best minds in HR technology share their views on Ceridian’s goals and its progress toward reaching them.

To listen to the podcasts, click here.

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