Quinyx, EduMe Integration Seeks to Build Deskless Worker Engagement

Warehouse Workers

Quinyx and EduMe formed a new integration partnership meant to satisfy the information needs of deskless workers in industries such as logistics, hospitality and retail. The companies have positioned their joint offering as a way to support business growth and reduce costs.

The deskless workforce of 2.7 billion people represent 80% of the world’s workers, the companies said. Despite those numbers, just 56% are engaged enough to succeed at work. That leads to poorer business results in areas like profitability, productivity, absenteeism, turnover, quality and safety.    

Quinyx and EduMe formed a new integration partnership meant to satisfy the information needs of deskless workers. @QuinyxAB @EduMeSocial #HR #HRTech Share on X

In this year’s State of the Deskless Workforce report, Quinyx’s found that one in three of these workers don’t feel appreciated at work, and 63% of those believe their employers view them as disposable. At the same  time, a full half are confident that “many opportunities” exist for them, which points to challenges with retention and turnover.

Mobile Training

Quinyx’s software handles workforce management tasks such as scheduling, time reporting, communications, budgeting and forecasting. EduMe’s mobile-based tools delivers role-relevant knowledge to users in the flow of work.  

The integration will embed mobile training tools from EduMe into Quinyx’s workforce management application. The companies believe the combination will help deskless workers stay organized and up to date with contextual information that helps them begin work more quickly, elevates their on-the-job performance and improves safety.

“The deskless workforce worldwide is on the rise, but are deprived of the tools to excel in their roles,” said EduMe CEO Jacob Waern. The integration with Quinyx will help businesses “remain competitive and achieve workforce success by improving productivity, reducing turnover and ensuring their large, distributed workforces are operating in a safe and compliant manner,” he said.

Quinyx CEO Erik Fjellborg said the decision to implement the joint solution would be a “strategic decision” for “fast-growing and forward thinking organizations.”

EduMe, based in London, opened its first U.S. office, in Palo Alto, Calif., this spring.

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