Recruiting Platforms Add Capabilities to Reach Diverse Candidates

Diverse Recruiting

Greenhouse and Circa announced a partnership to expand delivery of job postings to underrepresented communities, while Appcast released an index to help employers measure their efforts to reach diverse candidates.

Appcast launched the Audience Index Report for users of the Appcast’s Xcelerate network.  The feature, available without extra charge, provides insights into candidate demographics including race, ethnicity and gender identity, and compares how well an employer’s reaching diverse and underrepresented groups compared to a U.S. benchmark average.

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Tom Chevalier, Appcast’s chief product officer, said competition for diverse candidates has led to fierce competition between employers. Their task is complicated by the number of recruitment advertising options available today, he said, which makes it “extremely challenging for hiring organizations to identify which job sites lead to the greatest number of diverse, qualified candidates.”

With the announcement, Appcast released a study that found employers can reach a diverse audience of candidates by advertising jobs across a variety of sites, even if they don’t focus on diverse communities. As an example, the study cited, ahem, the Xcelerate network. Appcast said employers there can reach more candidates from underrepresented groups than the U.S. online benchmark average.

Xcelerate uses data to determine where among some 10,000 job sites a company’s postings will reach the best candidates.  

Extending Reach Into Community

Separately, Greenhouse and diversity software developer Circa announced an integration that will post jobs to Circa’s network of 15,500 community organizations and over 600 local employment sites.

Circa provides OFCCP compliance management and recruiting technology solutions, and said it’s expanding its product and service lines through partnerships to meet increasing demand.

“By aligning with industry leaders like Greenhouse, we are able to reinforce our commitment and dedication to building high-performing teams and accelerating our customers’ success,” said CEO Patrick Sheahan.

Greenhouse expressed similar sentiments. The partnership with Circa “allows us to continue growing our DE&I tech stack,” said Director of Partnerships Garret Starr.

In January, Greenhouse received a $500 million investment from TPG Growth and the Rise Fund, giving the company an estimated value of about $820 million.  

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