Rizing Launches COVID-19 Configuration for SuccessFactors

Coronavirus Data

A growing number of HR technology companies have added features or opened up content designed to help employers, customers or not, navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Two new initiatives seek to help employers understand how the virus is impacting their workforce.

Rizing, an SAP SuccessFactors implementation partner, created a SuccessFactors configuration that uses World Health Organization definitions to collect virus-related information from employees.

The configuration is available for free. Rizing said it will implement the configuration for its managed service clients, and provide step-by-step instructions for others.

@RizingLLC, a @SuccessFactors implementation partner, created a configuration to collect #COVID-19-related information from employees. #HR #HRTech @SAP Share on X

The configuration’s development was led by Rizing CHRO Katie Obi, and grew out of her own team’s efforts to manage the virus’s impact on the company’s workforce. The data collected helped HR understand developments down to an individual-employee level, which allowed it to create tailored risk management plans and track exposure of suspected and confirmed cases.

Ceridian Offers Tracking Tool, Learning

Meanwhile, Ceridian launched several features intended to assist both employers and employees work through the pandemic.

Dayforce Safety Monitor, which is free to Dayforce customers, allows employees to report their health status and employers to monitor a worker’s location and movements, and also identify potential exposure to co-workers. In addition, companies can share location-based safety information through push notifications.

Ceridian is also making free COVID-19 training content available to Dayforce customers and prospects. Topics covered include COVID-19 preparedness and spread prevention, management of remote teams and information on workplace anxiety and mental health.

For a wider audience—meaning customers and the general public—Ceridian launched the COVID-19 Learning Portal. The site, developed with Docebo, features content from providers such as GO1 and OpenSesame. Dayforce customers will be able to access content through Dayforce Learning or their own LMS, as well as the portal.  

Ceridian said it’s also enabling customers to configure their pay and time off policies to align with government legislation related to the crisis.

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