Roundup: VirgilHR Releases Onboarding Assistance; Recruitment Industry Slow To Adopt AI

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VirgilHR, an HR compliance tech company, released an onboarding tool that helps businesses to classify employees as exempt or non-exempt. Using the software platform’s smart chatbot, HR professionals submit a role, then answer a series of diagnostic questions that can quickly understand how federal and applicable state labor laws match up to the role. With it, VirgilHR hopes to reduce risk for employers, while ensuring that workers are maximizing available benefits.

The recruitment space has been slow to adopt AI, according to research from iHire. The company’s 2023 State of Online Recruiting Report said just 4.9% of employers are using AI to address recruiting tasks such as job descriptions or screening resumes. Only 2.8% of candidates said they had used AI to assist in their job search by, for example, writing their resumes. Nearly two-thirds of employers, 62.6% are struggling with unqualified applicants – their top recruiting challenge.

Recruiting solutions provider Wright Media launched an AI-based programmatic job-advertising platform. Called HireMaster.AI, the platform seeks to help customers take advantage of what the company calls “the next data wave.” HireMaster.AI allows for daily optimization of data and revises its capabilities with an eye on making hiring more efficient and dependable.

TechScreen launched TechScreen 5.0, which uses its AI Verify engine to process live interviews and evaluate the accuracy and suitability of candidate answers. The company said AI Verify provides an overall summary and detailed analysis of each answer presented during an interview, which can be shared with hiring managers for their appraisal.

Airspeed, a platform focused on celebrating employees, announced its AI-powered Slack app, Coffee Talk. The app claims to facilitate more personal and meaningful meetups with colleagues through matching services and “smart” conversation starters.

The workforce analytics market is estimated to grow to $1.86 million by 2027, at a CAGR of 15.42%. According to research from Technavio, the lack of a skilled workforce is one of the largest challenges in the market.

AI-powered online learning platform, Uplimit expanded to enterprise customers. The company said this will allow businesses to build and run custom courses for internal training or customer education on the Uplimit platform.

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Gen Z Employees Prefer Peer Learning Over AI

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