SAP, Microsoft Join Up on Generative AI Capabilities

SAP Building

SAP and Microsoft are collaborating to bring more AI tools to enterprise talent acquisition teams.

The companies said they’ll cooperate on integrating SAP SuccessFactors solutions with Microsoft 365 Copilot and Copilot in Viva Learning, as well as Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service. The integrations will allow for the development of “new experiences” designed to improve how organizations attract, retain and skill their workforce.

“SAP has long embedded AI into our solutions, and we’re very excited about the opportunities generative AI unfolds for our industry and our customers,” said SAP CEO Christian Klein. “Today’s announcement is one example of how we are bringing the power of generative AI to business.”

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella said the companies are pulling their solutions together “to transform how organizations attract and develop” their workforces. “We have an incredible opportunity to deliver next-generation AI that will unlock productivity growth for every individual, organization and industry, including the Human Resources function,” he said.

To be sure, these are areas businesses need help with. For one thing, they face a

growing challenge when it comes to managing the gap between their workforce’s current skills and those they’ll need in the future.

Closing that gap, said SAP, means they must optimize the processes companies use to recruit and hire new workers. For example, each time employers create a new position, they have to, in essence, reinvent the wheel, updating skills requirements, ensuring job descriptions are market-competitive and developing interview questions that can identify each candidate’s potential.

Streamlining Recruitment and Employee Learning

In addition, SAP and Microsoft say their work will streamline recruiting and employee development. SAP will use the Azure OpenAI Service API and data from SuccessFactors to create highly targeted job descriptions. Through an integration between the SuccessFactors Recruiting solution and Microsoft 365, HR leaders will be able to fine-tune job descriptions using Microsoft’s new Copilot feature. SAP will also leverage the Azure OpenAI Service API to offer prompts to interviewers within Microsoft Teams, suggesting questions based on a candidate’s resume, the job description and similar jobs.

In terms of learning, integration between SuccessFactors and Microsoft Viva Learning will allow employees to use Copilot in Viva Learning to conduct natural language queries and create personalized learning recommendations. As learning is completed, SuccessFactors will update automatically to provide companies with an up-to-date view of their organization’s skills landscape.  

Image: SAP

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