SAP Packages Services to Speed Transformation Across Suites

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SAP introduced RISE with SAP, a package of services designed to simplify the work involved in digital transformation. The company is positioning RISE as “a completely new way” to redesign processes in a way that makes business sense and doesn’t require major investments upfront.

Simultaneously, SAP announced plans to acquire the German firm Signavio, which specializes in enterprise business process intelligence and process management.

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CEO Christian Klein said the world’s current unsettledness–including political tensions, environmental challenges and the Covid-19 pandemic–is forcing organizations to accelerate change whether they’re ready or not. “Companies that can adapt their business processes quickly will thrive,” he said, adding that RISE is about helping customers unlock “new ways of running businesses in the cloud.”

SAP has been working on ways to integrate its applications into a more seamless experience for some time under the guise of “the Intelligent Enterprise.” In SAP’s world, integration isn’t about only melding experiences and technology suites, but data as well. Among the core functions of any business is the engagement of employees, in addition to supply chains, vendor management and customer relationships. 

RISE with SAP Into ‘Intelligent Enterprise’

SAP describes RISE as a single subscription offering that helps companies move into what it refers to as “the Intelligent Enterprise” from most any starting point and moving along most any path. It features one responsible party for service-level agreement, operations and support in a way that expands the idea of technical migration into “continual transformation.”

RISE works by:

  • Helping customers redesign their business processes using intelligence SAP has gathered from customers across 25 countries.
  • Supporting technical migration with traditional and automated services as well as infrastructure options.
  • Providing a single technology layer across the enterprise to facilitate implementation of SAP, partner and third-party services.

The Signavio acquisition makes sense since business process intelligence is an important component of RISE. SAP said Signavio’s process management suite complements SAP’s existing BPI offerings, and will help the company provide “a holistic suite” of flexible process transformation solutions, including business process design, benchmarking, gap analysis, improvement and process change management. The suite will also allow customers to monitor the long-run success of these process changes.


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