ServiceNow Embeds Generative AI into Now Platform

ServiceNow HR

ServiceNow’s Vancouver release, announced Wednesday, expands the company’s Now Assist product by embedding generative AI across all of the Now Platform’s workflows. Vancouver adds the new AI capabilities to Now Assist’s modules for HR Service Delivery, as well as IT Service Management, Customer Service Management and Creator.

To power the new features, the company released a domain-specific ServiceNow large language model, called Now LLM.

“With our Vancouver release, we’re combining the power of the Now Platform with new generative AI features to bring AI-driven intelligence to every corner of the business,” said President and COO CJ Desai.  

Making Gen AI ‘Operational’

ServiceNow said the enhancements operationalize generative AI by integrating it with all processes and workflows. The company believes hat will improve performance and meet its compliance controls for ethical and responsible development and use.  

The enhancements to Now Assist for HRSD improves efficiency, reduces redundant and manual tasks and quickly provides answers to employee questions. For example, the company said, rather than sift through historical information, HR managers will be able to handle payroll discrepancies and paperwork changes by reviewing instant summaries of case topics, previous history from live chats and previous resolutions and actions taken. Now Assist for Creator will help development teams create and scale apps more quickly.

Vancouver incorporates generative AI features into Now Assist tools for such as case, incident and agent chat summarization, as well as virtual agent and search capabilities that can be applied to a range of scenarios and functions.

ServiceNow’s generative AI strategy includes broad and secure LLM support through general purpose LLMs or ServiceNow-developed models. General-purpose LLMs provide customer flexibility and currently include access to Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service LLM and OpenAI API. Domain-specific LLMs are designed specifically for ServiceNow’s workflows, use cases and processes.

The AI-based capabilities will be generally available on September 29.

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