Shiftgig Expands Capabilities to Include Long-Term Staffing Assignments

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Shiftgig updated its digital staffing platform, Deploy, to help staffing agencies undertake “more traditional” temp-to-perm or long-term assignments.

The expansion broadens the type of agency that can use Deploy, which creates on-demand marketplaces for workers and enables them to choose long-term or short-term assignments. The company contends that helps agencies fill positions that might otherwise languish.

Shiftgig said the expansion is the biggest client-facing change to Deploy since it was launched in February 2019. The platform is designed to help staffing firms redeploy workers while streamlining operations and client self-service ordering. It also helps firms identify workers who might be disengaged or likely to quit.

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The new features were developed with the input of pilot customers, said CEO Rick Bowman. With them, “we explored how to drive worker engagement and retention through self-service commitments to long-term assignments, replicating our proven success in the short-term on-demand space,” he said.

Feedback Drives Shiftgig Engagement

According to Vice President of Product Irem Metin, the enhancement’s “engagement driver” is worker feedback. Employees leave comments on assignments they’ve accepted as well as opportunities they’ve turned down, she explained. Those comments allow agencies to speak with clients about making small adjustments that might increase their assignments’ likelihood to fill.

Deploy’s algorithm helps match available workers with roles that fit their skills, work history, location and preferences. When it was launched, Bowman said it was “built to empower workers by offering them flexibility and choice while enabling staffing firms to manage and redeploy their workforce in a scalable way.”  

Before April 2019, Shiftgig operated staffing and national events businesses, in addition to its technology solution. The company began focusing on software-only in order to sharpen its focus and drive “the continued evolution” of its products, Bowman said.

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