Skills Platform AskFora Launches Enhanced Skills-Matching Solution

Job Board

Skills-mapping platform AskFora unveiled a new SaaS recruiting solution to help organizations streamline recruiting, optimize employee development and address workforce planning challenges. Called AskFora Teams, the product uses the company’s AI-driven skills search platform to map workers’ skills to open roles.

AskFora automatically gathers information about employee skills from a variety of sources, including public platforms such as LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter/X, news, blogs, as well as employee-provided and internal organizational data that encompasses courses, certifications and experiences unique to each employee.

The platform works off of over 5 million data points and 280,000 distinct skills, automatically categorizing and mapping skills using both natural language models and correlated skills from the company’s database.

Using AskFora’s chatbot, Fora, organizations can identify and acquire talent based on the specific skills they require.

Skills Alignment

With all of this information, the company hopes to give executive teams, managers and HR professionals insight into the abilities of their employees. Then, the company said, organizations can better connect both internal employees and external candidates with open positions, identify appropriate training programs for new projects and focus on closing critical strategic skills gaps.

“Identifying employee skills and matching them with the right internal opportunities has become an outsized challenge in today’s radically transformed workplace,” said AskFora founder and CEO Omer Trajman. “Baby Boomers are leaving full-time employment but not retiring, while Gen Z is bringing entirely new skills to the workforce. Meanwhile, organizations need to proactively pursue opportunities for diverse talent retention, recruitment and engagement.”

In addition, AskFora said it has raised a total of $1.5 million in funding from venture capital firms including Firsthand Alliance, Glasswing Ventures, Koa Labs, Ex Ventures, Perkins Cove Partners and FreshTracks Capital. The company plans to use the investment to expand operations and extend its business reach.


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