SocialChorus Launches Tool to Measure Workforce Communications Impact

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Workforce communications platform SocialChorus launched Analyze, a new tool designed to measure the effectiveness of employee communications and improve alignment within enterprise organizations.

Employers have lacked an effective way to quantitatively measure the impact of communications and alignment, SocialChorus believes. So, they’re forced to rely on qualitative methods, such as employee surveys. Analyze attempts to fill this void by providing users across the enterprise with “a single, data-driven picture of how internal communications is impacting business initiatives.”

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Analyze will allow teams to:

  • Access Visual Data and Insights: Users can navigate through data, dashboards and reports to browse engagement metrics across audiences and platforms and get a sense of the effectiveness of employee communications. 
  • Execute, Measure and Optimize Business Initiatives: Analyze allows users to connect every piece of communication with an initiative and relate engagement to feedback trends and business performance. In this way, companies could learn how initiatives are actually impacting, say, morale, retention, attendance, sentiment and financial results.
  • View Dashboards: Key insights will help teams find influencers and promote their impact within the company, and also identify which topics resonate with different segments of their audience.

“Whether it’s HR running onboarding campaigns or the CIO driving digital transformation initiatives, Analyze gives leaders the ability to correlate communications with business outcomes,” said Nicole Alvino, SocialChorus’s founder and chief strategy officer. Analyze, he claimed, will help prove that workforce communications “drives the bottom line.”

Analyze is an attempt to help tame the challenge of delivering communications across a workforce which is increasingly dispersed and changing demographically. Effective communications, SocialChorus believes, is especially important for companies planning to take a stab at digital transformation. “Even if organizations acquire more tools to satisfy their workforce’s needs, measurement of the impact of internal communications across these tools has been lacking,” the company said.

Separately, SocialChorus said it had significantly expanded its in Europe–by 200 percent–since opening its EMEA office 18 months ago. The company said it’s now active in 25 countries in Europe and the UK. 

In April, SocialChorus rolled out capabilities to help frontline managers create their own content, employees to quickly search for needed information and communicators to access new content templates and improved insights.

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