TaskHuman Releases Mentorship Platform to Aid Talent Development

Digital Mentor

TaskHuman unveiled a new mentorship platform that’s meant to help employees build professional relationships and drive the progress of their careers. The platform is part of the company’s leadership and sales coaching modules.

The platform allows users to browse potential mentors and provides information on their skills and focus areas to help identify those whose expertise align with the employee’s needs. Once they’ve been matched, employees are able to connect with a mentor to receive guidance through on-demand, one-on-one video calls. TaskHuman says its approach will allow organizations to develop talent even as users build meaningful connections.

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The platform leverages TaskHuman’s existing digital coaching platform, allowing customers access to its network of global specialists in a variety of fields. It enables pre-matched connections, but also takes a marketplace approach, where mentees can choose one or more mentors that meet their needs in terms of expertise and cultural fit.

Multiple Mentors

The mentorship platform takes a marketplace approach, TaskHuman said, which enables users to choose one or more mentors that meet their needs, including their preferences around expertise and cultural fit. It also has the ability to help users make connections by matching them with a suggested mentor who has the appropriate set of skills.

In addition, the platform offers employees access to mentors within their company, including high performers, leaders and advisors. Mentors can use the platform to make themselves available to a wider range of user, as well as their existing mentees. They can also set their own hours of availability, which TaskHuman says will eliminate part of the hassle that comes with aligning schedules to identify workable meeting times.

Matt Prostko, TaskHuman’s head of sales, said that combining the company’s global network of coaches with an organization’s own resources allowed it to “create the most robust and simple on-demand coaching experience and drive impact for organizations and their employees at scale.”

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