Topia Adds Feature to Support Talent Mobility

Topia Adds Feature to Support Talent Mobility

Talent mobility and work technology company Topia introduced plans to add more functionality to its platform. The company believes the offering will help HR and global mobility departments more effectively manage group, project team and bulk moves.

According to Topia, companies move portions of their workforce to different locations for a variety of reasons, including new sites opening, location-specific projects and conferences. Consequently, HR and mobility professionals need to be able to gain insights into the status of these groups as well as any associated costs.

With that in mind, Topia’s goal is to “support global talent mobility, travel compliance and remote and distributed work” with the addition of the new functionality.

The company said the new feature will help organizations to:

  • Manage dedicated initiation and ongoing management workflows for the group as a whole, including combinations of assignees, localizing employees, commuters and business travelers.
  • Run cost simulations to identify and optimize projected costs for groups comprised of different types of mobile employees.
  • Run pre-travel risk assessments on a group basis to identify any compliance issues.
  • Manage and report at a group level.

“We’re excited to be developing this feature to help support all of the ways we’re seeing companies mobilize groups or teams to move around the world – whether it be driven by the nature of their industry, such as oil/gas, defense or professional services, or by ad hoc events, such as office moves, group travel or redundancy programs,” Topia vice president of product Chantel Rowe said.

The company said the new feature is set to be released in summer 2023.

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