Topia Adds New Features to Streamline Distributed Work

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Topia announced new product features aimed at helping companies navigate the complex world of distributed workforces.

Launched as part of the company’s spring release, the new features include a remote work management solution, employee mobility checks-ins, Oracle Cloud HCM integration and an e-signature function.

Topia's spring release includes a remote work management solution, employee mobility checks-ins, Oracle Cloud HCM integration and e-signature function options. #HR #HRTech @Topia_Official Share on X

Topia’s approach seeks to provide organizations with a single automated solution to help them explore potential remote work locations, process employees’ remote work requests, assess risk and compliance concerns and manage the remote work process for both HR teams and mobile employees. The new features will allow HR to have “an immediate view of employee satisfaction and the performance of individual mobility programs,” the company said. 

In addition, the platform’s data can be fed into an organization’s KPIs to help employers determine what is and isn’t working in their mobility program. 

Global Integration

Topia’s integration with Oracle Cloud HCM is a step toward bringing together systems involved in administering mobility as part of a global talent strategy. Integrating the cloud-based HCM software suite will also help businesses connect the dots between static and mobile employees, providing a holistic view of talent, Topia said.

The e-signature integration, on the other hand, is aimed at improving the employee experience. Topia described the effort as creating “a standard integration framework for e-document signatures.”

While the e-signatures will launch with DocuSign “by default,” they can easily use a customer’s e-signature tool of choice to manage documents generated through the mobility process, the company said.

Topia’s release also includes the ability to:

  • Easily Track Data Changes: Topia updated the functionality that tracks key data changes across customer’s information, allowing them to run standard reports to see what data was changed, when and by whom.
  • Gain Greater Visibility with Schengen Tracking: Employees and mobility teams can now track their days spent in the EU’s Schengen Area.
  • Approve Exception Requests and Track Workflow: Using Topia Manage, HR teams can raise and track exception requests, including impacts on the total cost of a move and how many exceptions have already been raised.
  • Receive Enhanced Insights into Global Payroll: New reports provide payroll preview data, payroll instructions data and insight into payroll errors.

Last summer, Topia launched two solutions: a new Topia Select for small to mid-size mobility programs, and automated pre-travel approval workflows that will even as talent mobility programs change over time.

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