Upwork Adds AI Capabilities, Educational Content to Platform

Upwork Pro App

Upwork added AI-driven features to its platform, along with new educational content related to advanced technology. In addition, the company created a waitlist for access to its GPT-4 app currently in beta, Upwork Chat Pro.

The efforts are designed to help professionals start and complete work more efficiently, improve productivity and enhance the quality of their work, Upwork said.

Besides new product features, Upwork announced partnerships that incorporate generative AI, including products from Adobe, Amazon, ClickUp and Miro, plus training resources from Coursera, Jasper and Udemy. The latest offerings are found on a new talent-specific section of Upwork’s AI Services hub, a central destination where users can access gen AI tools and resources, and also find work opportunities.

Part and Parcel of the Platform

Upwork also rolled out Upwork Chat Pro, a GPT-4 app that’s been integrated into the company’s platform. The app leverages Upwork data to provide users with answers to questions about streamlining their work. It will be available to a subset of users over the coming months.

During the same time period, Upwork will make the app available to selected independent professionals on the platform. Those interested in trying out Upwork Chat Pro can sign up on the app’s waitlist.

Dave Bottoms, general manager and vice president of product for the Upwork Marketplace, said the new products will help users “better leverage AI to enhance workflows, effortlessly automate tasks and complete projects with increased efficiency.”

Research from the Upwork Research Institute shows that over three-quarters of freelancers, 76%, are highly confident in their ability to learn new AI tools.

Earlier this year, Upwork began offering access to generative AI apps for its users, Bottoms noted in a blog post. Early offerings included generative AI services from Jasper that all users could use to improve their productivity, communications and quality of work.

Image: Upwork

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