Upwork Expands Platform With Generative AI Tools and Hub

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Upwork expanded its platform to include AI offerings and resources. Most notably, the company added an AI services hub to connect businesses with independent AI professionals. With it, Upwork said, companies can more easily find and hire independent talent for their AI projects, including consultants, researchers, developers and engineers.

Additionally, Upwork also announced a partnership with Jasper, a generative AI content platform, The partnership’s goal is to offer users generative AI tools that can help “increase productivity and work quality,” Upwork said.

Upwork said it has seen a “significant adoption of generative AI among independent professionals and businesses on its platform, with over 450% growth in weekly job posts related to generative AI compared to last year.”

In addition to connecting with professionals, Upwork hopes the AI enhancements will help companies better understand and implement artificial intelligence.

Features from OpenAI 

Upwork also launched multiple platform features powered by OpenAI technologies, including:

  • Job Post Generator: Designed to help clients create fully customizable job post drafts.
  • Upwork Chat: Helps new business users navigate Upwork, learn how to hire and improve their talent search.
  • Proposal Tips: Help talent create more professional proposals.
  • Additional Resources: Offer resources on AI including guides for integrating generative AI into a business, research on the adoption of generative AI in the workplace and access to the AI and Machine Learning Upwork Community Group.

These new platform enhancements, partnerships and resources will help companies get the necessary work done to further their business objectives, said Dave Bottoms, Upwork’s Marketplace General Manager and Vice President of Product.

In February, Upwork announced a new end-to-end solution that will allow businesses of all sizes to find, vet, hire, onboard and pay skilled professionals in full-time work arrangements. It was the first time Upwork has made full-time hiring available to all customers.

Image: Upwork

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