Visier Launches Pre-Defined Solutions Aimed at Common Challenges

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Visier launched a new collection of purpose-built solutions, designed to address “today’s urgent workforce challenges.”

The Visier NOW solutions include analytics and planning tools; pre-built questions, analytics models and best practices targeted to a specific issue; and implementation and support services. Two ready-to-deploy solutions – Retention Focus and Guided Diversity Planning – were rolled out this week.

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Retention Focus is a managed service that provides, in essence, an early warning system for retention risks that identifies specific drivers of employee turnover and provides tools for heading off employee exits. Using Visier’s analytics, the module answers questions such as:

  • Which of my highest performing employees are likely to churn?
  • What are the causes of retention risks across the organization?
  • Which initiatives will have the most impact in helping to retain the best talent?

Visier Chief People Officer Paul Rubenstein said that “the standard approach to recruiting and backfilling roles simply won’t work” when 20% – 40% of employees are actively considering leaving their jobs. “Organizations need data to get ahead of these turnover risks and take proactive steps to stop the exit,” he said.

“People are making decisions based on new criteria, and one of those decisions may be to leave your organization. But you can’t address what you can’t see,” LeapGen CEO Jason Averbook said in a statement provided by Visier. Retention Focus’s indicators help managers be more effective “when it comes to keeping the people who want to be kept,” he said.

Diversity Goals

The second solution, Guided Diversity Planning, is a purpose-built workforce planning tool designed to help employers meet diversity, equity and inclusion goals, Visier said. Using the company’s analytics and planning capabilities, the solution allows HR leaders and executives to set and work toward C-suite and board-level DEI goals, guided by data and predictive insights.  

Visier NOW is part of a broader plan to launch products targeting specific business challenges, the company said. Visier also wants to increase adoption of people data across all lines of business.

In June, Visier raised $125 million in Series E funding, bringing its estimated value to about $1 billion. The company is benefitting from what CEO Ryan Wong called an “unprecedented demand for companies to better understand the people within their organizations.” At the time, Visier said it would use the money to extend and accelerate its product development efforts and international expansion.

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