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Welcome to the HCM Technology Report, where we explore issues related to the technology used by organizations to attract, hire and manage their workforce, as well as to plot their workforce strategy.

As technology continues to change the way companies operate, it also impacts the role played by HR. Executives describe their workforces as “strategic assets,” but are often unable to back those words with real commitment–namely dollars and resources. HR leaders labor to educate their colleagues about how they can match talent to strategy and solve real business problems, but must break down silos in order to deliver. The creative use of technology provides both business and HR executives with more opportunities to integrate HR into the business itself.

Meantime, the workforce itself is changing, becoming more mobile, more diverse and more demanding of how it uses technology to do its job. Fundamental assumptions about how companies operate are strained by new realities and new questions. For instance, what should HR’s role be in the hiring and management of contingent workers? How can people metrics be combined with data from other functions to identify new solutions and strategies? Can workers a thousand miles apart truly operate as an effective team? The answers lie in how HCM technology is envisioned, implemented and used alongside the systems of other functional areas.

With that in mind, we cover HCM technology to see how it touches HR as well as IT, Finance, Operations and other functions across the organization. We consider the concerns of not only CHROs, but CEOs, CFOs and CIOs as they plot their strategies for addressing workforce and workplace issues. We seek to identify the unintended consequences that often go along with the adoption of new technology, and we try to separate hype from reality.

Today, we’re paying special attention to:

  • Integration: How HCM technology can work across the organization, how people analytics can be combined with information from other functions to yield new insights, and how the roles of Human Resources and IT are evolving in relation to one another.
  • The Contingent Workforce, and how technology will need to meld the often-competing concerns of HR and Procurement as independent workers take on a greater role in executing business strategy.
  • Advanced Technology, including artificial intelligence, prescriptive analytics, mobile capabilities and the possibilities for technology to help address issues ranging from diversity to effective performance management.
  • “The Last Mile:” The impact advancing HCM technology will have on training and performance at all levels of the company.

And, of course, we’ll cover news and analyze developments among vendors, customers and the evolving HCM technology market.

Our Intentions

The HCM Technology Report is a media service, pure and simple. We’re not a technology company or consulting firm. We hope to provide a forum where everyone involved in the HCM technology world — whether they’re a vendor or customer, executive or individual contributor, analyst, HR practitioner or employee/end user — can have a voice. To that end our sponsorship packages, which will be introduced later this year, have been expressly designed to emphasize industry knowledge over marketing, and insight over sales. Their foundation is our belief that expertise, innovation and experience drive the B2B technology business, not advertising and blaring self-promotion. Look for our regular updates to begin in January.

Along the way, we encourage your comments and criticism. So please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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