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The latest white papers and research covering a wide range of topics regarding HCM technology.

Building HR Service Delivery

Building HR Services Delivery on a Global Scale

Learn how American Express has undergone an initiative to globalize its HR Service delivery in order to increase efficiency and engagement, as well as to bring a consistent experience to global leaders. [PeopleDoc] Read More.

Ultimate Software: Key to Strategic HR

The Key to Strategic HR: Process Automation

Every HR process requires several steps, and every step requires time from your day—time you just don’t have. Discover how HR teams are now leveraging HR service delivery technology to automate and optimize those manual, people-based processes. [Ultimate Software] Read More.

To Improve Employee Experience, Think Customer Experience

What did workplace culture expert, Jason Lauritsen, learn about the employee experience while on his Caribbean vacation? Discover how his new perspective provided the key to unlocking the benefits of positive employee experience. [Ultimate Software] Read More.

Ultimate Big Data Paper

HR’s Secret Weapon: The Power of Big Data

Big data analytics in Human Resources can empower your organization to take proactive measures to retain your best talent, and so much more. Unlock the secrets and and start working smarter, not harder. [Ultimate Software] Read More.

Ultimate AI in HR

AI in HR: Job Threat or Business Growth Opportunity?

Although most HR departments are embracing the possibilities of AI, some employees are still skeptical. Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart:HR, is here to separate technological facts from science fiction. [Ultimate Software] Read more.

Ultimate Software: Reducing Stress

Orangetheory’s Approach to Reducing Employee Stress

Only 37 percent of organizations have an executive level role dedicated to internal culture and the employee experience—and that could be a concern if you’re not one of them. [Ultimate Software] Read more.

Ultimate Software: Empowered Decision-Making for Purchasing HR Technology

Before making any important purchases, you need to arm yourself with information. What are your needs? What will the impact of the decision be? How do the options compare? To answer these questions is to become an “empowered buyer.” [Ultimate Software] Read more.