Workforce Logiq, LinkUp Connect to Offer Predictive View of Talent

Labor Market

Workforce Logiq signed an exclusive data partnership with LinkUp, a provider of job market data and analytics. The companies said LinkUp’s labor-market demand insights will be integrated into Workforce Logiq’s Total Talent Intelligence platform. As a result, clients will be able to access a 360-degree predictive view of both talent supply and talent demand.

The partnership will also give LinkUp’s financial and capital market customers access to Workforce Logiq’s IQ Market Research benchmarks for volatility, job, skill and company.

LinkUp’s labor-market demand insights will be integrated into Workforce Logiq’s Total Talent Intelligence platform, the companies said. #HR #HRTech @workforcelogiq Click To Tweet

“LinkUp’s proprietary demand data and analytics are a perfect complement to Workforce Logiq’s patented talent supply intelligence,” said Joe Hanna, Workforce Logiq’s chief strategy officer. The resulting insights “uncover employers’ biggest talent-related risks and opportunities,” he said.

LinkUp indexes 5 million job postings each day, directly from 50,000 company websites in 195 countries. Companies use LinkUp’s data to gain insights into labor demand, forecast non-farm payrolls and predict job-growth trends, among other things.

Workforce Logiq bases its predictive insights on 1 billion data points from more than 40,000 sources and analytics covering more than 19 million global organizations.

Integration and Algorithms

LinkUp’s information will integrate with the Total Talent Intelligence platform via:

  • IQ Rate Optimizer benchmarks how much an organization needs to pay to attract and win contingent and full-time talent based on unique, company-specific factors such as geographic location, role requirements, brand attributes, competitive dynamics ands supply and demand balances.
  • IQ Location Optimizer prioritizes the best locations from which to recruit talent, given the job description and other employer specific requirements
  • Talent Retention Risk (TRR) Scores benchmark for employment volatility within a company, competitor or industry to reveals the likelihood of worker interest in exploring other jobs and openness to unsolicited recruiting outreach. These scores are organization specific and help employers anticipate and plan for future skill supply and demand gaps.

LinkUp only indexes jobs posted by employers on their own web sites. That, the company argues, makes it the highest quality index of global job postings available. The company doesn’t include listings from job boards, which eliminates challenges such as duplication and expired listings, it said.

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