WorkJam Partners with Aware to Understand Frontline Workers

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WorkJam partnered with collaboration intelligence platform Aware to provide customers with insights into their frontline employees’ priorities, behaviors, needs and concerns.

The company’s technology capabilities will expand as its own tech — including communication, task management, learning and shift scheduling tools — is combined with Aware’s sentiment analysis and AI capabilities. The overall goal of the partnership is to provide customers with a clearer view of what’s important to workers.

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Aware also offers WorkJam customers the security, governance and compliance controls often needed when new technology is rolled out to the frontline.

Insight into the Workforce

By partnering with Aware, WorkJam said it will enable enterprise customers to run sentiment analyses using natural language processing against employee messages. This will help determine the overall sentiment of frontline staff, the company said. In addition, management teams will be able to review dashboards that highlight trending themes and measure employee engagement. They will also be able to review a variety of reports in order to understand their employees concerns, make improvements and build a stronger workplace culture.

WorkJam also believes that, with today’s surge in technology, companies need ways to digitize communications in order to keep pace and give employees the tools needed to communicate. However, as the number of communications channels grows, management and HR teams are hampered by a lack of the resources and time needed to identify every important trend and issue that might surface in frontline staffs’ communications.

 “To improve employee happiness and retention, enterprises not only need to provide digital tools that streamline tasks, scheduling and communications, but also truly understand what’s happening within their frontline staffs,” said WorkJam Chief Strategy Officer Rich Halbert. “By partnering with Aware, we’re able to give our business customers powerful insight into the trends, conversations and overall sentiment that are important to their workforces.” 

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