8 Tech Tools To Boost Employee Engagement

8 Tech Tools To Boost Employee Engagement

In search of the most effective tech tools for boosting employee engagement, we posed this question to a diverse group of leaders from CEOs to employee engagement specialists. From enhancing communication with Slack to addressing engagement issues with SurveyMonkey, discover the top tech tools that have revolutionized employee engagement in various organizations.

Slack: Enhancing Communication and Relationships

Slack—but it’s not so much the tool, it’s the way you use it.

We introduced Slack as an easier way to communicate across a geographically dispersed team rather than via email. It was ideal for quick questions and chats to get things done quickly.

But when some team members started sharing personal experiences in a channel specifically set up for non-work-related stuff, it encouraged others to do the same.

Quickly, we were all sharing our hobbies and interests, which gives a real insight into the people you work with. It gives us things to talk about outside of work and builds better and stronger relationships.

Craig Willis
CEO, Skore

FeedbackSpeaks: Revolutionizing Employee Engagement

FeedbackSpeaks has been a game-changer in our organization for employee engagement. Here’s why it’s our go-to tech tool:

·      Amplified Employee Voices: Our employees have a platform to express their opinions, ideas, and concerns, fostering a culture of open communication.

·      Skyrocketed Engagement: By encouraging feedback-driven culture, team members are more motivated, proactive and committed, as they feel empowered to contribute their ideas and suggestions.

·      Enhanced Collaboration: The tool has improved teamwork and strengthened our ability to tackle challenges collectively.

·      Informed Decision Making: Involving employees in the process has boosted their trust and confidence in leadership.

·      Empowered Growth: Feedback dialogues have enabled constructive conversations about individual performance and development, fostering their professional growth.

While the impact extends beyond these areas, the use of FeedbackSpeaks has made our organization experience a transformation in overall success.

Manav Gupta
Business Analyst, Naman Integrated Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Pomodoro Technique: Maximizing Productivity and Balance

The Pomodoro Technique has transformed employee engagement in our IT company. Breaking work into focused, 25-minute intervals (Pomodoros) with brief breaks has maximized productivity and work-life balance. 

This method has helped us maintain focus, manage time effectively and prevent burnout. Regular breaks refresh the mind, enhancing concentration and output quality. It also promotes a healthier work environment by encouraging breaks and reducing sedentary periods, thus minimizing health risks. 

We utilize digital Pomodoro timers and apps for visual cues, reminders and customization. The Pomodoro Technique has been invaluable, enhancing engagement, focus, productivity and well-being in our IT organization.

Hossein Fakhr
CEO and Founder, SDD Technology

Officevibe: Fostering a Pleasant Work Environment

We use a tech tool called Officevibe in our organization to help improve how engaged our employees are. This tool is really important for us because it helps make our team work better and makes our office a nice place to work. 

It has a feature where employees can give feedback with no one knowing it was them. This helps us know what our employees think and what they’re worried about. We can then do things that address these concerns.

Officevibe also has short surveys we give out regularly that let us know how our team feels. If we notice something wrong, we can fix it quickly. 

Another great thing about this tool is it has a feature that lets employees give each other props. This helps to make everyone feel good and appreciate each other more. In short, Officevibe has been a great tool for keeping our team happy and motivated.

Martin Potocki
CEO, Jobera

Clarity Wave: Encouraging Engagement through Surveys

I’ve been in charge of increasing employee engagement at my company for over half a year, and one thing that has really helped me is “Clarity Wave,” an online employee engagement software that sends out weekly surveys of seven questions out of hundreds. The questions they ask cover a wide range of categories about employees’ peers, management and the company.

Clarity Wave’s complex algorithm works to give us a clear picture of the culture in our company without betraying anyone’s anonymity.

Beyond the survey questions that have helped us identify pain points and address them, there is also a community feature.

The community feature allows the team to give recognition badges, suggestions for the company and individual feedback. I encourage the team to spend some time there each week, and the more participation we get, the more value it provides.

It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but once integrated into the team’s daily lives, it has given us tremendous benefits.

Alan Mitchell
HR Manager, Investors Club

Internal Platform: Boosting Transparency and Collaboration

One tech tool that has significantly improved employee engagement in our organization is our internal communication platform. With features like instant messaging, group channels and announcement boards, it has transformed the way we connect and collaborate. 

It fosters real-time communication, enhances transparency and creates a sense of community among employees. 

The platform enables quick and seamless information sharing, encourages cross-team collaboration, and facilitates employee recognition, ultimately boosting engagement and fostering a more connected workforce.

Ranee Zhang
VP of Growth, Airgram

TinyPulse: Improving Performance and Gratitude Culture

TinyPulse is a great tool to improve employee engagement in an organization. I have used this tool and have firsthand experience with it. With the help of this software, our team has found that our employee performance has improved, along with creating a culture of gratitude. 

We have used its analytics to determine which employees are living up to the company’s ideals and to identify which aren’t. With the help of this analysis, we have determined what we can do to support those who haven’t earned any praise. It has GIFs and cultural attribute tags to make the atmosphere happy.

Kelvin Wira
Founder, Superpixel

SurveyMonkey: Addressing Engagement Issues

SurveyMonkey is one tool that has been an enormous help to our engagement efforts. It allows our team to do a deeper dive into specific issues by designing and conducting pulse surveys.

Our team is regularly called on by leadership to create custom solutions to address specific engagement issues directly. 

We’re able to use tools like SurveyMonkey in conjunction with our more comprehensive survey data to provide additional support for our executive leaders to address training and development needs. 

Results from those surveys have directly affected and supported engagement goals for departments across the City of Detroit.

Maria Altingul
Employee Engagement Specialist, City of Detroit

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