ADP Adds Custom Coaching Aid to StandOut Performance Platform

ADP Standout

ADP added a customized coaching tool to its StandOut engagement and performance platform. Called Standout coaching intelligence, the tool integrates customized insights into conversations between employees and managers, based on an individual’s strengths and what information they share with the platform during check-ins.

The insights, which are provided as talking points to the manager involved in the discussion, are meant to encourage deeper conversations and result in more meaningful feedback to the employee being coached. Specifically, the talking points help managers to take action and provide feedback and guidance that’s relevant to each team member.

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Joe Sullivan, ADP’s general manager of talent activation, said coaching intelligence uses “the human factor of the leader” as its differentiator. Rather than follow scripted paths, it provides “open-ended talk tracks based on the work taking place and the individual’s persona, coupled with expert insights from real coaches, to guide more meaningful conversations,” he said.

StandOut is ADP’s “talent activation solution”, or what others might call an engagement and performance platform, designed to help team leaders provide feedback to and coach their employees.

 In a statement provided by ADP Laura Becker, employee experience research manager at IDC, said StandOut coaching intelligence goes beyond data to help managers deliver actual coach, at scale, based on real-world circumstances. In doing that, it helps address “a disconnect between deploying employee engagement technology and people-readiness,” she said.

StandOut focuses on helping team leaders because they have an outsized influence—up to 70%–on employee engagement. In addition to coaching assistance, the platform offers strengths assessments, performance measurement, leadership development and engagement-measurement capabilities.

Image: ADP

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