ADP Applies Data to HR Services

ADP Intelligent Self-Service

ADP’s new Intelligent Self-Service helps employees address common issues before they need to contact their HR department for assistance. The product uses predictive analytics and machine learning to predict which matters might arise based on analysis of data from across ADP’s ecosystem.

The company said Intelligent Self-Service can address about a third of the case volume normally handled by HR practitioners. Issues related to payroll, benefits, missed punches and time challenges can all be handled proactively, in the flow of work, the company said. As a result, the workloads of HR practitioners are lightened and managers have more time to devote to higher-value work.

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Don Weinstein, ADP’s corporate vice president of Global Product and Technology, said the use of data from across the company’s product suite “allows us to focus on the most common pain points for managers, HR practitioners and employees.” Intelligent Self-Service is designed to resolve issues quickly – “within seconds versus day or weeks” – and eliminates the common back and forth that occurs with many HR groups as they work to address various issues.

Proactive Solutions

Intelligent Self-Service comprises four key features:

  • Action Cards are brief proactive nudges that appear in the employee’s flow of work, at the time an issue needs to be addressed. This helps eliminate the risk of issues such as inaccurate or incomplete time cards or lagging new-employee document completion from occurring.
  • ADP Virtual Assistant (A.V.A.) delivers conversational, transactional and predictive assistance to guide employees with issue resolution.
  • Policy Personalization allows for tailoring of action cards, virtual assistants and case management based on an employer’s policies and local regulations.
  • Case Management gives employees a way to create, manage and track interactions with their HR department. The solution routes interactions to the right practitioner based on the employee’s specific need, and offers information on status.

In May, ADP Vice President of Global UX Joe Kleinwaechter told the HCM Technology Report’s podcast PeopleTech that the company’s “wealth of data” is at the base of many of its product development efforts.

“I would say right now we recognize that the big position that ADP has different from a lot of others in the industry and competitors, is that data, is the wealth of data. It would not be wise for us to ignore the fact that it’s a competitive differentiator,” he said.

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