Alcor Rolls Out Access Management, Recognition Tools for ServiceNow

Access Management

Alcor has launched two products for ServiceNow: AccessFlow, an identity and access management platform, and High5, a fully automated employee reward and recognition system.

Both are available in the ServiceNow App Store.

AccessFlow automates enterprise identity and access management and compliance. It helps employers define access management blueprints, authority, renewals and ongoing operations, and maintains accounts and roles along with documented approvals, access reviews and dashboards.

Alcor launched products for ServiceNow: AccessFlow, for identity and access management, and High5, afor automated employee reward and recognition. #HR #HRTech Share on X

The product “is designed to be truly a one-stop shop for all access management needs across the IT access management lifecycle,” explained Alcor CEO Amit Singh. Its “low code/no code philosophy” helps make it simple to use and inexpensive to roll out and manage, he said.

Monisha Singh, the company’s founder and leader of product development and strategic alliances, said AccessFlow was built after extensive customer research.

Recognition Simplified

High5 is meant to help organizations streamline their employee appreciation process and connect workers on a single platform, which should simplify the processes involved in recognition and appreciation, the company said.

With the platform, employees can show their appreciation for work done by their colleagues or celebrate their personal milestones by giving High5 points. When they’re sponsored by the employer, the points can be converted to rewards redeemed through gift cards, cash redemption or other options on High5’s online store.

High5 is available in two plans, Basic and Premium.

Alcor Product Development Manager Sunita Gulia said the company expects to see “outstanding growth” in employee reward and recognition programs over the next decade. The company called the timing of the launch “perfect,” arguing that recent events—which we assume means to COVID-19 pandemic—has made recognition “more important than ever.”

In addition to ServiceNow, Alcor has partnership agreements providers including Oracle, Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce and Dell.

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