Alight Improves Leave Management Tools


Alight added new capabilities to its LeavePro software to help employers better manage and track employee leaves of absence. The new features automate key processes included in client onboarding, which the company hopes will speed and simplify its implementation experience.

By improving automation at the point of sale, LeavePro will now streamline new client onboarding. As a result, processes that would normally take up to three weeks to be completed can be finished up almost immediately, the company said.

The new automation capabilities also allow clients to pursue earlier testing and training. Together with the improved automation the new technology will provide a more streamlined onboarding experience while freeing up IT support teams to manage more complex client needs, Alight said.

“Strategic investments into our leaves solution address the challenges many corporations face when managing employee absence,” said Kevin Curry, head of Alight’s leave solutions team.

Steady Enhancements

Last month, Alight added features to its Worklife platform, including digital experience features, expanded integrations and tooling, and guidance capabilities.

It also improved the abilities of its virtual assistant, Ask Lisa, so that it can respond personally to more employee inquiries. Ask Lisa was also equipped to handle annual benefits, giving employees the option to re-enroll with their current benefit program automatically. 

The company hoped the release would help better engage employees by delivering a digital experience designed to connect them with their wellbeing ecosystem, said Alight Senior Vice President of Product Josh Welch. 

In March, Alight reported revenue growth 7.4%, to over $3 billion dollars in 2022. Nearly a third of that came during the final quarter of the year. In addition, the company’s business process as a service (BPaaS) revenue grew 44.6% to $564 million, and accounted for about 20% of the company’s total revenue.

At the time, CEO Stephan Scholl said Alight was ahead of schedule on its expected timeline for growth.  

Image: Wikimedia

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