AMS Offers TA Software, Vendor Analysis With New Platform


AMS launched AMS Verified, an online platform that provides talent leaders with the company’s analysis of the talent technology ecosystem and AMS-approved software vendors. The idea is to keep a pulse on different talent technology needs in the market.

AMS said the product “demystifies” available solutions for talent leaders. It also provides them with access to AMS’s advisory services to help them make tech decisions and benchmark their own tech stack against similar companies’.

AMS launched an online platform to provide talent leaders with analysis of the talent technology ecosystem and AMS-approved software vendors. #HR #HRTech @WeAreAMS Share on X

“Technology can help bridge the gap between corporate growth and hard-to-find talent,” said AMS CEO David Leigh. “Organizations can build strong talent pipelines, but only if they determine the right solution for their unique needs.”

More than 1,000 talent technology solutions are being evaluated through AMS Verified, the company said. AMS works with vendors to verify their platform’s capabilities and open up access to current market needs and trends data. That allows vendors to improve their software and continue to build their roadmap, AMS said.

Know Before You Go

AMS Verified helps customers:

●    Evaluate features and functionality to better match talent needs with vendor capabilities.

●    Categorize technology by the business objectives it addresses in order to consider and shortlist choices for TA leaders

●    Take advantage of a search function that’s “unique” to TA, while allowing users to identify solutions by industry, hiring category and geography.

“By expediting the TA tech review process with pre-vetted solutions, leaders can get much-needed technology in place more efficiently and effectively to meet their business objectives, said Jonathan Kestenbaum, AMS’s managing director, technology strategy & partners. “At the same time, vendors can focus on addressing true market needs and pursuing the right opportunities.”

In August, AMS launched a high-volume recruitment process outsourcing solution to deliver large-scale hiring capabilities to clients across the U.S. Components included  proprietary technology through Hourly by AMS, a mobile-first conversational recruiting solution; a dedicated team of recruiting resources that provides the “human touch” needed to reach contemporary workers; and a connection with AMS advisory experts who’ll help develop a high-volume hiring strategy for long-term workforce planning.

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